The Arabic Program

Arabic at Trinity is taught non-intensively through an Advanced Intermediate level over three years, with the possibility of independent study tutorials continuing on into the fourth year for advanced literary work.

Arabic over four semesters can fulfill language requirements in African Studies (along with French) and Middle Eastern Studies (along with Hebrew).  However, a formal minor or major in Arabic at Trinity is not currently available.

The variety of Arabic offered is Modern Standard.  However, over the course of the program students are exposed to Egyptian colloquial.  Those students wishing to master a variety of colloquial Arabic are urged to consider Study Abroad options in North Africa or the Middle East.  Those wishing to add Classical or Qur'anic Arabic to their linguistic repertoire can avail themselves of Independent Study offerings such as "Readings in the Qur'an" and "Readings in the Hadith".

Last Modified, Oct 16 2001